About Sparrow Clubs USA


Sparrow Clubs connects all kids from all walks of life.
Kids connect with their Sparrow, they connect with one another,
they connect with their communities, and they connect with the compassion
within themselves. It is truly a beautiful thing to behold.

Please take a moment to watch THIS VIDEO and feel the connection...
or visit www.sparrowclubs.org for more information! 


Sparrow Clubs exists to set the stage for simple, yet heroic acts of kindness in schools and youth culture, through the concept of empowering kids to help kids in medical need. The ultimate goal of Sparrow Clubs is to impact youth culture by imprinting compassion, generosity, and integrity on the hearts of kids in local schools.  

A Sparrow Club is launched when three key elements come together:

1. A Sparrow child (local child, age 0-17, in medical need/crisis).

2.  A local school (elementary, middle school, high school, public or private) willing to "adopt" this child as their Sparrow.

3. A project sponsor (local business or businesses).

Students at the adopting school meet their Sparrow during an all-school assembly.
The values of Sparrow Clubs and the child’s story are told through powerful speech and age-appropriate video. Once students learn about their Sparrow child, they are challenged to make a difference through community service. Each school is challenged to complete a minimum of 256 hours of community service to others, on behalf of their Sparrow.

For every hour of service completed (up to the 256 challenge mark), kids earn $10 for their Sparrow, paid by the project sponsor. Project sponsors donate this money based on the expectation that the students will do service to earn it for their Sparrow.
Students are required to fill out "Sparrow Community Service Vouchers," which are verified by parents and teachers, in order for their service to count. Last school year,
in Central Oregon alone, over 11,000 hours of community service were performed by students involved in Sparrow Clubs!