The Emcees

Our Emcees are vibrant, fun, funny...
and have a history of being Sparrow Club supporters.  Both have a tremendous
amount of experience in public speaking
and we are so grateful to have them with
us again this year!


Sam Albert is honored to be part of Swinging with the Stars for the sixth year in a row.

Prior to Bend, Sam spent ten years at the Second City in Chicago before moving to L.A. to work (but mostly not work) in film and television.

She can be seen yelling at the hunky Matt Damon in The Informant and getting yelled at by the hunky Jeremy Piven in The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard. Other film and television credits include The Break-up, Parks and Recreation, and The Office.

On an unrelated note, Sam never litters, carries hand sanitizer with her everywhere and plans to learn to drive stick shift this year. She applauds all the kids involved with Sparrow Clubs and thanks you for your support of such a special organization.


Jack Shuttleworth was born and raised in Fairbanks, Alaska. He moved to Bend three years ago with his wife Nancy, and they had their adorable baby girl two years ago. She is cuter than the Gerber baby, but has a difficult time using progressive pronouns properly.

Jack works for Kendall Toyota of Bend and has done a YouTube segment called ‘Test Drive Tuesday’, where he took a lucky (or not so lucky) local person out for a test drive. It was a whole lot of nonsense and PG-13 fun. Google ‘Test Drive Tuesday’ and he should be on the 16th Google page that shows up.

This is his second year co-hosting ‘Swinging with the Stars’ and he now understands 'swinging' means dancing. Glad he finally figured that out. You can find him locally on Monday mornings… taking out the trash and the recycle (every other week).

Jack would like to say thank you to Sparrow Clubs for asking him to co-host again and for all they do to help empower kids to help kids!