The Judges

Our Judges come from a wide variety of
backgrounds; from previous Swinging With The Stars winner, to comedians to educators and Award winners. Our grateful thanks to our Judges for sharing their time and expertise!


Roy Dwyer joined the United States Air Force in 1949 before finishing high school. After his time in the military, Roy was college bound, first to the University of Alaska in Fairbanks and later Roy transferred to the University of Oregon, where he earned his bachelors of Science degree in 1959.

Roy went straight to law school at the University of Oregon and earned his Juris Doctorate in 1962. After graduation, Roy opened his own law firm in Eugene. Since then, Roy has argued complicated cases before the Oregon Court of Appeals and Oregon Supreme Court.

Roy is now senior partner at Dwyer, Williams, Dretke Attorneys, which as nearly everyone knows, specializes in handling personal injury cases. Roy practices from his Bend office and has been a member of the Oregon State Bar for 50 years.

When Roy is not in the office, he still seeks adventure. He regularly hikes the Cascades and counts among his more memorable treks The Grand Canyon, the High Sierras, Nepal, The Great Wall of China, Patagonia and Mont Blanc trek. Traveling the world is one of his great joys, but all that is trumped by being amongst his family including his wife, his 4 children and 7 grandchildren. 

Roy was one of the People's Choice award winners in 2014 and raised over $7,500 for Sparrow Clubs! He is excited to be invited back again for his expertise in dance for the 2017 version of Swinging with the Stars!


Chelsea Woodmansee is a local comedian with an uncompromising love of making others laugh, mostly at the calamities of being a genuinely awkward human. This is her fifth year as a judge on the SWTS panel and she tells us it is her favorite gig.  When she’s not on stage making people uncomfortable with her honesty and robust brand of comedy, you can find her running concerts for the Les Schwab Amphitheater, coordinating events in the Old Mill District, or volunteering at biking events to get yelled at by motorists who hate cyclists.

Chelsea is headed to Chicago to pursue her comedy goals and this is the last time she will be on the panel with us. You never can guess what delightful phrases are going to come cascading out of her mouth like the falls of Tumalo; as in previous years she has told two Bachata dancers she wanted to, “Dip my chip in your salsa!” and nicknamed a young dancer “Whiskey Biscuit”. Stay tuned and take notes!


Jon Bullock is a champion for youth empowerment and student leadership. For over 20 years, he has worked with young people as a teacher, coach, and administrator. As the Executive Director of the Redmond Proficiency Academy, a proficiency model school that he helped found, Jon is one of Oregon’s leading voices for an education system that puts the needs of students first.

Jon has earned acclaim for speaking to students and educators about self acceptance and the power of vulnerability. He gave a TEDx talk entitled “What’s In Your Bag?” that challenged people to be honest with themselves and those around them about their hopes, dreams, fears, and failures. These ideas are at the core of his leadership philosophy, as Jon knows it is through honesty that we foster compassion and understanding in our schools and workplaces. This question - “What’s in your bag?” - has helped Jon forge connections with his students and others as they unpack their own bags and consider how their baggage is affecting those around them. In a world where millennials are often labeled “lazy” and “entitled,” Jon believes in the power of young people to lift each other up.

Never having lost touch with the things that inspired him to dedicate his life to education, Jon teaches classes at the school he runs and coaches competitive youth soccer. In addition to running one of the largest and most successful charter schools in Oregon, Jon is also the proud father of an incredibly talented daughter, who just began her freshman year of college. In his free time, Jon enjoys going to Portland Timbers games and will DVR nearly every professional wrestling event so he doesn’t miss a single storyline.


Always looking for new ways to give back to his community, Jon has served as the Chair of the Kids Helping Kids Division of Children’s Miracle Network in Eugene, Oregon. Additionally, he has served on the Executive Council of the National Association of Student Councils, worked as a camp counselor and presenter with the Oregon Association of Student Councils, and volunteered with Sparrow Clubs  on their Regional Board of Directors, even participating as a dancer in their inaugural Swinging with the Stars benefit in 2012.


A lifelong Oregon State University Beaver, Jon earned his Doctor of Education degree from the University of Oregon in 2005.


Chris “Biggs”, Storyteller, Central Oregon Daily

Being a native Oregonian, Chris “Biggs” Kekke, decided it was time to get back to her roots and move to Bend. Initially she pursued a career in the music industry as a song-writer, dancer, rapper/singer and living in several major cities including; Brooklyn, Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco, and Seattle.

While in the Bay Area, she became an event coordinator for a wine company and then moved to Tahoe/Truckee, for her hardest job of all, being a stay at home mom. Itching to get back into story-telling for a career, Chris became a reporter and content contributor for Central Oregon Daily.

Biggs heads up the “Source on the Scene” feature each Friday and she delivers relevant and relatable content with substance and an edge. She is unconventional in her reporting style and has a fresh perspective on lifestyle topics and human interest’s stories.