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The Pros

The Swinging with the Stars professional dancers come to us through our valued partners at: Sugar Push Dance Studio - which offers instruction and exhibition in all forms of dance. And Latin Dance Academy of Bend - which offers instruction and exhibition in all forms of Latin dance. The highly trained professionals listed here spent hours of their time getting our celebrities stage-ready. No small feat! Thank you to ALL our amazing Pros! 


Hayley Cruson is a native Bend resident and has been dancing in some way, shape, or form for the past eleven years. Playing with Tap, Jazz, and Broadway styles, Hayley finally landed in partner and ballroom dancing. She is happy to be a part of Swinging With the Stars from the beginning and considers it a meeting of two of her passions: dancing and helping people. When not doing these, she enjoys writing, playing video games with her husband and swimming the river as a part time mermaid. Hayley believes that anything is possible, as long as you don’t give up, no matter how impossible it seems!

Hayley and her star partner, Scott, are excited to be shaking it for Sparrow Clubs! Vote for them here: Hayley and Scott


Gabriela Peden is originally from south central Los Angeles and was raised around Latin dancing and culture.  At ten years of age, she began taking formal dance lessons and has remained an avid dancer ever since. Since moving to Redmond in 2007 Gabriela has been a strong supporter of Latin dance in Central Oregon. She established the Latin Dance Festival in 2011 at COCC, and has been an instructor at several area venues.

Gabriela continues to enjoy training with top Latin dance instructors and performing at Latin Dance festivals and congresses throughout the western United States. When she is not dancing she is busy in her position as Director of Latino Services for the Deschutes Public Library System, and spending time with her husband and their son. Gabriela has several friends who’s children have been part of the Sparrow program and with her passion to dance wants to show her support for the ones that are still fighting and for the children we have lost.

Gabriela and her star dance partner, Packy, will be adding some spice to this year's show for Sparrow Club and you can vote for them here: Gabriela and Packy


Sean Meehan has been an artist his entire life.  At the age of 19, he discovered a new way to express his creativity as a professional ballroom dancer and choreographer.  Sean spent years teaching for Universal Dance Studio in Spokane, WA, then moved on to training for competition through Arthur Murray and Fred Astaire dance studios throughout the West Coast. 

With 23 years of teaching, coaching and performing behind him, Sean has become one of the most prominent dance teachers in the area. He continues his passion for dance by teaching group classes in Bend and private dance lessons in Sunriver, where he now lives with his wife Rachele and 14-year-old son, Teagan. 

Sean and his star partner, Sam, are ready to strut their stuff for Sparrow Clubs! Vote for them here: Sean and Sam


Tammy Goen is a native Oregonian, Tammy has always been a dancer. If music is playing, at least one part or her body is moving. At the age of 6 she took her first dance classes, in ballet and tap. Her first performance was around the age of 8 when she and her good friend dressed up and performed their own choreographed routine for an audience comprised of her grandmother and her friend’s mother. Not surprisingly, they received great accolades.

In college, Tammy fed her passion with a jazz and modern dance performance group. She began her first lessons in partner dancing 5 years ago here in Central Oregon, where she’s lived since 2002, and hasn’t looked back. She enjoys almost all genres, especially West Coast Swing and Nightclub Two Step, and enjoys social dances which incorporate these along with a variety of Latin and Ballroom dances.

When not dancing, Tammy is recreating in the great outdoors—hiking, kayaking, camping, XC skiing, and snowshoeing, and loves to travel and experience different cultures. During work hours she helps clients reclaim their joy and health with Life Coaching and Therapeutic Massage. She’s excited to be a part of this great event and helping such a valuable program as the Sparrow Clubs. Let’s dance!

Tammy and her star dance partner, Jonh, will be dancing the night away for Sparrow Clubs! You can vote for them here: Tammy and John


Andres 'Andy' Garcia is the founder and director of the Latin Dance Academy of Bend (est. Fall 2014).  At age eleven, he was exposed to tropical latin music and dance when his family moved to Central Oregon (out of all places). His first real spark of love for Latin music and dance was ignited on a trip to New York where he was able to experience the live salsa music and dance culture.

Since 2010, he has attended various Latin dance festivals and has received instruction from some of the top Latin dance instructors in the industry. In order to provide quality dance instruction, he strives to continue learning and working on his skills. He is grateful and extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to share his passion and love for Latin dance by teaching, choreographing and performing at local and regional events. He looks forward to meeting and teaching you some Latin dance moves!

He has two amazing kids, Jadzi (12) and Kao (9), and cherishes the time he gets to spend with them. He recently married the most amazing woman and his best friend and, also, added a new family member: Solo, the chocolate lab.

He embraces the challenges in being a self taught entrepreneur and thoroughly enjoys making things. If it interests him, I’ll learn how to make it or make it happen (e.g. screen printing).

Support Andres and his star partner, Heather, as they dance their hearts out for Sparrow Clubs! You can vote for them here: Andres and Heather


Chuck Rich moved to Bend six years ago after taking an early retirement from the County Probation Department in Sacramento, CA.  He took up West Coast Swing about 4 1/2 years ago with the main goal being able to lead a partner in a spin or a turn in a structured way. Luckily, he enjoyed practicing West Coast Swing enough that he has reached that goal. He continues to practice West Coast Swing, but is, also, starting to branch out and learn some of the other partner dances.

He is happy to be supporting the Sparrow Club through participating in Swinging with the Stars. He thinks it's a wonderful model for charitable efforts.

Chuck and Rich are one dynamic dancing duo, but now they need your vote! You can vote for them here: Chuck and Leslie


Nastassia Miller is an Oregon native who moved to Bend in 2010, after finishing her Bachelors degree in Dance from Western Oregon University. Nastassia began dancing as a child, her love for the art continues to grown which has led her to where she is at today. Nastassia has studied modern, ballet,  Mexican Folkloric dance, Cha cha cha, merengue, cumbia, bachata, Cuban Casino Rueda, as well as Tahitian, and Hula.

When Nastassia isn’t dancing she enjoys spending time with her husband Jerrad, her daughter Ava, and her extended family. She loves community, nutrition, exercise, sunshine, adventure and the outdoors, which is why she loves Central Oregon. 

Nastassia is grateful that she can use her love and passion to help the wonderful families of the Sparrow Club. 

Nastassia and her star partner, JD, are ready to showcase some spectacular dancing for Sparrow Clubs. You can vote for them here: Nastassia and JD


Jordan Huntbeing born and raised in downtown Portland, Oregon was unlikely to become a country dancer. While attending Oregon State he found his love for dancing in the art of country dancing specializing in Swing and Partner Pattern dances.

After moving to Bend in 2012, he became an instructor and choreographer at Mavericks Country Bar and Grill where he teaches Country Western Swing, Partner Pattern, Line Dancing and Country Two Step. He has competed in a variety of country dance competitions, most recently in 2014 where he took second place in both Line Dancing and Partner Pattern at the Portland Dance Festival.

Jordan is also involved in local theater, choreographing for Evil Dead the Musical and staring in the Rocky Horror Picture Show. When Jordan is not dancing he can be seen riding the slopes of Mt. Bachelor, brewing beer or leading the Timbers Army: Mt. Bachelor Brigade in chants to cheer on the Portland Timbers.

Jordan and his star dance partner, Heather, will be swinging the night away for Sparrow Clubs! You can vote for them here: Jordan and Heather


Deborah Coblentz, is second year veteran of the Swinging with the Stars Event and is honored to be invited back to dance for the Sparrow Club. She is originally from Chicago, Illinois, attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison and later obtained a Master of Arts degree from John F. Kennedy University. Deborah shares her love of movement, with her son, Matthew, age 28, both of whom participated in NCAA Division 1 Athletics. She is a licensed clinical psychotherapist, who works for Pacific Source Health Plans, as a Behavioral Health Specialist.

In addition to spending time with her two black lab rescue dogs, Maggie and Suki, when away from the office, Deborah enjoys traveling with people who share her passion for dance. These group excursions have led her to dance festivals both near and far including, Alaska, British Columbia and most recently, Buenos Aires Argentina, where she participated in a Tango Immersion Tour. Deborah's greatest desire is to continue to embrace the 'universal language of dance' as she seeks world wide adventure, one dance step at a time.

Deborah and her star dance partner, Larry, are hoping to be holding the Mirror Ball Trophy at the end of Swinging with the Stars, but they need your help! You can vote for them here: Deborah and Larry


Kara Clickettis proud to have been born and raised in beautiful Bend, OR. While earning her degree in Psychology at the University of Oregon, she began taking dance classes in Ballroom, Latin and Swing; igniting a passion for dance that continues today.

When not on the West Coast Swing or Salsa dance floor, you can find her enjoying the Sunriver neighborhood where she currently lives with her husband Aaron and two children Elaina and Alexander. 

Kara has previously been a judge on the Swinging with the Stars stage and can’t wait to be on the other side of the table!

Kara and her star dance partner, Patrick, will be putting together one incredible performance for Sparrow Clubs! You can vote for them here: Kara and Patrick