Aaron Tandem & Tammy Goen

Meet Aaron

Aaron Tandem

Aaron Tandem

Empowered Strength

Aaron is a personal trainer at Empowered Strength in Bend, OR. What he’s found, is that personal training or coaching, is less about telling people what to do and more about being empathetic to the unique obstacles each individual faces on their journey to becoming a stronger and better version of themselves.

His purpose is not to tell clients what to think and do, but to perhaps help them think with a different mindset. Plus, he’s got a lot of cool tools to keep his clients safe when training and provide them with the right amount of information at the right time to obtain their desired results.

When he’s not busy training others, or working out himself, you can find him outside riding a tandem bike with his wife, Bitsy, or knitting a new pair of socks.

Aaron recently won 2nd place at the Highland Games competition in the Lightweight class in McMinnville, OR. He also speaks Japanese at an arguably conversational level… depending on who you ask.

Meet Tammy

Tammy Goen

Tammy Goen

Freelance Dancer

Tammy has always loved to dance. If music is playing, at least one part of her body is moving. After classes in ballet and tap in childhood, her dancing consisted of moving solo to her favorite music until college when she fed her passion with a jazz and modern dance performance group. She began partner dancing about 7 years ago here in Central Oregon, where she’s lived since 2002, and hasn’t looked back. She enjoys almost all dance styles, from West Coast Swing to Nightclub Two Step, Salsa to Argentine Tango.

When not dancing, Tammy’s other leisure pursuits include hiking, kayaking, camping, XC skiing and snowshoeing, and she loves to travel and experience different cultures. This is her third year joining the crew at Swinging with the Stars and she’s very excited to be on board once again with such an amazing event.

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