Jeremy Buller & Deborah Coblentz

Meet Jeremy

Jeremy Buller

Jeremy Buller

Registered Nurse, St. Charles Redmond

Jeremy has been a Registered Nurse, currently specializing in trauma, at St. Charles for more than 13 years. His family lives in Sisters and enjoys everything Central Oregon has to offer. Jeremy and his wife, Angela, enjoy watching their two kids play volleyball, football, baseball, and softball. They also enjoy training at Outlaw Martial Arts. Jeremy recently successfully tested for his 1st degree Blackbelt in Taekwondo.

Jeremy is excited for this new challenge. He’s sure the dance lessons he took 14 years ago for his wedding will give him the upper hand. Thanks, Butch Palmer (former SWTS Star dancer), for this amazing opportunity!

Meet Deborah

Deborah Coblentz

Deborah Coblentz

Dance Instructor

Deborah is a fourth-year veteran of the Swinging with the Stars event and considers her participation to be both an honor and a privilege to dance, once again, on behalf of Sparrow Clubs. She is originally from Chicago, Illinois and attended the University of Wisconsin – Madison as an NCAA Scholarship Athlete in the Sport of Women’s Volleyball.

Deborah developed her love and passion for dance as an undergraduate student when she was required by Wisconsin’s Athletic Department to enroll in ballroom dance classes as a part of her athletic training. She obtained a Bachelor of Science degree from Wisconsin, focusing primarily on the biomechanics of movement. Later, she secured a Master of Arts degree from John F. Kennedy University in Clinical Psychology. Her primary focus in this area of study was to assist high achieving athletes to more effectively manage symptoms of depression and anxiety associated with rigorous academic and athletic performance. Additionally, she has served as a guest lecturer at Stanford University in the field of Sport Psychology.

Currently, she serves as the Behavioral Health Clinical Lead for PacificSource Health Plans Medicaid Program. Deborah’s passion for dance has led her on worldwide travel excursions, exploring areas of the world where her favorite dances originated. Most recently, she has traveled multiple times to Buenos Aires, Argentina with a desire to become fully immersed in the culture, where the beautiful dance of Argentine Tango was born.

Deborah’s greatest desire is to continue her study of dance through international travel, participation in language immersion courses, and by serving as a host family for international students and dance instructors who have a desire to share their rich culture with our local dance community.

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