Shannon Abero Guerrero

Meet Shannon

Shannon Abero Guerrero

Shannon Abero Guerrero

Pro Dancer

Shannon Abero Guerrero grew up in Northern CA and has been dancing for over 30 years. She was inspired by music videos on MTV in the 80’s and loved emulating moves from Janet Jackson to Paula Abdul and more!

Shannon didn’t receive formal training until high school, where she was on the Cheer, Drill and Dance Teams. Her older brother, Brian, soon discovered Hip-hop and introduced her younger sister to a class… the rest is history!

After receiving her BA in Psychology at Cal State University of Long Beach, Shannon worked for an AIDS intervention organization for a year while still dancing on the side. Her love and passion for dance soon became her livelihood after booking a dance agent in Los Angeles. Some of her credentials include: House of Blues, Nike, Memoirs of a Geisha and The Ellen Show. She has toured with Asian singers and has taught internationally as well.

Shannon now resides in Bend with her husband and two beautiful daughters, Kyla & Ciera. She continues to share her love of dance with her students throughout Central Oregon.

Shannon is beyond excited to participate in this year’s Swinging with the Stars PRO Edition event! Sparrow Clubs holds a special place in her heart because her nephew, Tyrus, was a Sparrow. When Ty was born, he was diagnosed with OI (osteogenesis imperfecta) and born with fractured bones. With the help of generous donors from Highland Elementary and Sparrow Clubs, he is doing amazingly well and has not had a fracture for 4 years!

 Thank you, Sparrow Clubs, for all of the wonderful work you do for our community!