Kelly Newman & James Wyke

Meet Kelly & James

STAR: Kelly Newman

Jazzercise Owner
Kelly Newman opened, owns, and manages Jazzercise Bend Fitness Center (alongside her wonderful team of instructors and babysitters). She is also a Substitute School Teacher in the Bend-Lapine School District.

Originally born and raised in Alaska, she is a graduate of the University of Alaska Anchorage and a former schoolteacher from the Anchorage School District.

She and her husband, John, (also from Alaska; Inupiaq and Athabascan heritage), have 4 children and a grandson!

Moving to Bend in 2010, landed them far from all their extended families so they feel fortunate to have built relationships that feel like friendship/families in Central Oregon.

Kelly is an enthusiast by nature and a forever learner and is always looking for ways to learn new things and create joy through movement. In the last few years, since the older kids have grown, she has found a new sport and hobby in pole dance, (shout out to Altius Pole Studio). She also loves to support other small businesses, attend sporting events, and to travel whenever she can.

She is an advocate for all children and has seen what Sparrow Clubs can do for local kids. She is excited to learn a new way to dance while raising money for a worthy cause!

PRO: James Wyke

Born and raised in Bend OR, James Wyke grew up doing martial arts but developed an interest in dance as a young adult. He started off learning country swing to be able to dance at weddings, but quickly discovered his love and talent for West Coast Swing. He and his dance partner and wife, Elizabeth, own and teach at The Space. He loves attending and hosting workshops and dance events (both local and around the country) to expand his knowledge of this dance. James regularly DJs for dances.

When not dancing, you can find James spending time with his daughter, Hazel, floating the river, and enjoying the outdoor Central Oregon lifestyle.